Post holiday blues….

Chances are you have probably returned to work this week. Like us @worldleetravels we too are suffering from post holiday blues.

These are our top tips for pushing through the tough first week back to work!

1. Start fresh!

Sounds simple but just a complete clean out of the desk clutter can really make a difference.

We are all so busy leading up to Christmas and end of year, a simple clean and declutter of the desk makes a world of difference.

2. Make a plan

It doesn’t have to be to lengthy. A simple list of dot points of what you want to achieve for the year is a great motivator.

Keep it simple and achievable, most of us procrastinate and don’t stick to things, making a plan makes you accountable, especially once said out aloud!

3. Eat well, sleep well and get the exercise going again!

It’s true most of us fall off the gym wagon after our Christmas holidays.

Nothing gets your more motivated and the feel good endorphins going that a good sesh at the gym!

Burn off some of those Christmas calories and tick off the New Years feel good resolutions at the same time!

4. Last but by no means least….. Book another Trip!

Sounds simple huh?

Truth be known nothing is more exciting than having another trip to look forward to.

Even if you can afford a big overseas splurge look at when your next long weekend is, perhaps a local or interstate trip might tie you over.

There are some great deals to be found after Christmas, check out your local travel agent or your operator for what’s available.

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